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A decorative pillows are the most creative way to add style or introduce fresh ideas and life to your home.  Custom design you pillow with the latest designer fabrics.


Once was old can now be new at Rothman Associates.  We appropriate good bones and value what is beneath torn fabric, faded or otherwise time worn fabric. Recreate an old moment into sophisticate defined style. From reupholstering, including repairing and renewing framework, stuffing and stitching, springing, refilling to the initial stop, in older upholstery to the more up to date variety of custom upholstery, whatever is appropriate for exactly the desired look. Whether your wish is custom made furniture or just re-upholstery,  you will find that our service and tall specification of labor are second to none.

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Drapery  [ˈdrāp(ə)rē]NOUN1. 

cloth coverings hanging in loose folds:”the hall of the school was hung with green drapery”(draperies)long curtains of heavy fabric.
the artistic arrangement of clothing in sculpture or painting:”the effigy is notable for its flowing drapery”


Ripple Fold

Ripple fold curtains have roll pleats with 120% fullness. Snap tape is sewn to the top of a flat drape and then attach it to a Ripple fold track.

Pinch Pleats

A drapery heading where the basic pleat is divided into two or three smaller, equal pleats, Sewn together at the bottom edge on the rig

ht side of fabric.

Inverted Pleat Drapes

Hand-stitched inverted pleats create a relaxed style and a humble elegance.

Rod Pocket

A hollow sleeve in the top of the curtain. The Curtain or Drapery through which a rod is inserted.

Goblet Pleat

Similar to a pinch pleats, except that the top edge is padded and pushed out in a goblet type of shape.

Roman Shade

It’s a rectangle of fabric or woven material that covers the window. When closed, the shade is flat. When pulled open, hidden cords pull up the bottom rail so the shade gathers in gentle horizontal folds. There are completely flat Roman shades as well as pleated and gathered styles. Roman shades have a casual feel, but the effect of a closed Roman shade is anything but dull:


Think of a cornice as a wood valance, it is typically made from plywood, assembled with wood screws and corner brackets, then painted or covered with wallpaper or fabric and mounted to the wall above a window. Like a valance, a cornice can appear alone or team with another treatment. Because it is usually made of wood, a cornice benefits from being paired with a soft treatment, such as a curtain or fabric shade, to temper its hard lines.

Panels with Rings

Prickly metal hooks used to be standard fare for hanging draperies. Stuck into the back of a panel, the hardware was out of sight and out of mind. No more. Wood or metal rings that slide along a pole allow you to put hardware in a starring role, complementing virtually any style of drapery. Besides being fashionable, panels with rings are easy to open and close and offer an alternative to anyone who dislikes the cord-and-pulley system of traverse rods.

Think of rings, rods, brackets, and finials as a drapery’s jewelry. Hardware with unusual shapes, eye-catching colors, or high contrast will draw the eye up, focusing attention on the top of the panels, window, and ceiling. Large rings can be hand-tacked along a panel’s top edge. Small clip-on rings are fine for suspending lightweight fabrics. Some rings open and can slip through buttonholes or grommets at the top of the panel.


Simply your drapes just with an electric drapery track. It is accessible with a central or side opening and mixes in cautiously into your design. Make your stylistic theme and climate and switch to the associated home.

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